The total number of new factory vessels being built for Norebo has increased to 10.

Norebo and St Petersburg’s Northern Shipyard signed a contract to build further four factory trawlers for the Far East companies of Norebo Holding: Akros AO, Blaf AO, Roliz OOO, Sakhalin Leasing Fleet AO. Each vessel costs over 4 billion roubles (about $60 million). The order should be complete between 2020 and 2023.

The state-of-the-art multi functional factory on board of the new vessels will provide waste-free production and advanced processing of fish at sea. Among the products produced by factory-trawlers are chilled fish fillet, mince, roe, fish meal and liver.

Alexander Isakov, head of Far Eastern companies of Norebo Holding, stated that “the trawlers will be harvesting Alaska pollock and herring in the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk”. He highlighted the fact that since 2017 Norebo has been implementing a fleet renovation project. “A modern fleet is a requirement of our times. Only the new vessels with hi-tech equipment can offer optimal catch processing, as well as high standards of safety and comfort for the crew” – stressed Mr. Isakov.

Earlier in the year 2017 Northern Shipyard and Norebo contracted construction of six trawlers based on the same design (design created by Icelandic design firm Nautic). The aforementioned six trawlers will be harvesting cod and haddock in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Main characteristics of the new trawlers:

Length – 81.6 m

Width – 16 m

Speed – 15 knots

Tonnage – 5,500 tons

Main engine output – 6.2 MWth

Overall production capacity – 150 tons of fish per day

Freezing capacity – 100 tons of fish per day

Crew – 80 people

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