St. Petersburg, 30th June 2020 – Norebo Group and Severnaya Verf shipyard signed contracts for building of four longliners for Kamchatka based YAMSy JSC (part of the Norebo Group). The company plans to invest about $160m (11.6 billion roubles) in building of new vessels. All vessels shall be delivered to Norebo by 2025.

The Norebo Group has a comprehensive approach to updating its fleet: “It is in our best interests to ensure that our vessels are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and highly productive. Therefore, we have chosen this new project, the most technologically advanced in the world fishing industry. The project is designed by a Russia based office of Nautic (Nautic Rus), our partner with whom we are actively cooperating under current Severnaya Verf contracts for building of ten freezing factory trawlers under project 170701”, said Pavel Kosolapov, Technical Director for Norebo. He specified that the new fishing vessels will operate in the Far East region targeting Pacific cod, halibut and grenadier.

Key technical characteristics of the new longliners are:

• Length – 63 m

• Width – 14 m

• Max. speed ​​– 13 knots

• Gross tonnage – more than 2900

• Main engine power – up to 3 MW

• Total processing capacity on board – up to 50 tonnes per day (green weight)

• Freezing capacity – up to 50 tonnes per day

• Crew – 39 people

Today the longline fleet of Norebo is already fishing Pacific cod and halibut in the Pacific Ocean. Current Norebo’s fleet consists of eight German-built longliners. The new longline vessels will be equipped with modern factories that will allow for advanced catch processing on board of the vessel (both fillets and H/G). This development is very promising for Norebo as longliners can be more effective in the areas where bottom trawling is not possible.

Pavel Kosolapov pointed out that the development of longline fishery for Norebo is not an alternative to trawling. This is a separate line of business and allows Norebo to complement its existing capture of other species in the Far East fishery region.

According to Igor Orlov, Interim Director General of the Severnaya Verf shipyard: “The contract with the Norebo Group, one of the largest fishery groups in Russia, is another way to diversify the shipyard’s portfolio. New shipbuilding contracts signify another important step towards the return of domestic shipyards to the civil shipbuilding market”.

Currently 10 freezing factory trawlers are being built by Severnaya Verf, as part of the project. The company plans to invest 38.4 billion roubles in the construction of trawlers. Taking into account new contracts for the construction of longliners, the total investment package of Norebo in shipbuilding projects may amount to about 50 billion roubles.

Information about the Norebo Group

The Norebo Group was founded in 1997 and is one of the largest fishing companies in Russia. It includes 16 fishing companies in the North-West of Russia and the Far East. The fleet of the group consists of more than 40 medium-size and large-size fishing vessels that carry out fishing in all the main fishing areas of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Today, Norebo employs more than 3,300 people. A large assortment of products from bottom and pelagic fish species, as well as squid and shrimps, is produced on the vessels of Norebo. The group sells its fishery products both in Russia and in foreign markets. The head office of Norebo is located in Murmansk.

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