Norebo penetrates Russia’s rapidly growing Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) market. In the last 5 years there is a stable growth of Russia’s shrimp fishery, annual growth is estimated 12% to 29%.

The company was proud to exhibit the Northern shrimp under its borealis brand at the WorldFood Moscow trade show in September 2018. Norebo’s representative Mr. Sennikov commented on the recent development: “It will be cooked, shell-on shrimp. Russia will be the main market, initially. The product is well known and for us, it’s an advantage to expand the products we offer. Shrimp is a very natural expansion of our assortment”.

For now, Norebo has just recently started to harvest Northern shrimp with one vessel, but more may be added next year.

Exporting the product is the opportunity that Norebo is eager to explore, subject to obtaining EU export approval. MSC certification for shrimp fishery is another goal set by Norebo. Norebo stresses the fact that timing is crucial for obtaining MSC certification, as “we need to understand if the fishery is ready”.

Russian Northern shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea is subject to pre-assessment now and Norebo plans to join the group of Russian harvesters for full assessment of this fishery to MSC fishery standard.

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