Norebo is delighted to announce that the Union of Fishermen of the North (UFN), which also includes NOREBO, successfully completed the MSC certification of the Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) fishery in the Barents Sea on September 1, 2021.

The MSC certification programme is known and recognized worldwide for its rigour and credibility. MSC certified seafood is clearly labelled and can be traced to a certified fishery.

United Certification Systems Limited (UCSL) carried out an evaluation for compliance with MSC standards. UCSL representatives presented the MSC certificate to Konstantin Drevetnyak, Director General for the UNF and Sergey Sennikov, a representative of NOREBO, on September 8, at the International Fisheries Forum and the Seafood Expo Russia exhibition.

Camiel Derichs, MSC Development Director congratulated the Union of Fishermen of the North on the next step towards sustainable fishing, noting that the Russian fishermen fully deserved this certificate.

“In fact, in the recent years, we witness, the revival of the domestic Northern shrimp fishery, which took place in parallel with the MSC certification processes of other stocks,” Sergey Sennikov, a representative of NOREBO, commented on obtaining the certificate. — “We hope that for our companies that produce Northern shrimp, the MSC certificate will bean incentive for the development of the fishery in the future. Confirmation of compliance of the Northern shrimp fishery with the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries will allow NOREBO to supply its shrimp products to new markets.”

Olga Shuvalova, Director for UCSL, the audit company for MSC certification of fisheries, noted: “The shrimp fishery is important for Russian fishermen in the Northern Basin for a number of reasons: in 2006, there was practically no catch, whereas now the stocks of Northern shrimp in this area have increased significantly and the Russian fishery accounts for 40% of the total catch of all countries (which is more than 50 thousand tons) in the Russian and international waters of the Barents Sea. Therefore, the certification of this fishery is important both for the fishermen themselves to expand sales markets, increase the competitiveness of their products, and for our country as a whole – to promote itself on an international arena”.

On behalf of UCSL, we thank the leadership of the Union of Fishermen of the North – the Director General – Konstantin Drevetnyak, his Deputy – Evgeniy Shamray, the representative of NOREBO – Sergey Sennikov, who provided every possible assistance in providing all the necessary information on this fishery throughout the certification process.

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