We are pleased to announce that laying of the keel of a new vessel –Captain Korotich – which took place at Severnaya Verf shipyard in St Petersburg this February.

The trawler is for AKROS, a NOREBO group company operating in the Pacific Ocean and a producer of Glacialis and Ocean Spirit products. 

Captain Korotich is designed for fishing and processing fish in the Pacific Ocean: the Sea of Okhotsk, West Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Captain Korotich is the eighth vessel built under Norebo’s programme of fleet renewal. This series of fishing freezing processing-trawlers of unrestricted navigation class consists of ten vessels, six of which will work in the Northern Atlantic, and four – in the Pacific.

Project drawings and specifications for Captain Korotich vessel were developed by the domestic design bureau Nautic Rus, taking into account most recent international advances in the field of fishing vessels construction. The length of the freezing processing-trawler is 81.6 m, width – 16 m, displacement of water – 5,500 t. Due to the powerful main engine (6200 kW), the vessel can reach the speed of up to 15.5 knots. The vessel has an ice class of Ice2 and can operate in ice up to 0.5 m thick. The crew number will be about 70-80people.

The trawler can be equipped with both bottom and pelagic trawls. The total maximum fishing capacity of the vessel is estimated at 230 tons of fish per day, and the freezing capacity is 100 tons per day. Thanks to the multifunctional fish factory installed aboard, the time from catching fish to making the finished product will be minimal, and processing waste will be reduced to almost zero. The product line will include headed and gutted (H/G)frozen fish, fish fillet, roe, liver, fish mince and fishmeal. The new vessel will catch Alaska pollock, Pacific herring, Pacific cod, commander squid and other species.

This is the first instance where a new hull architecture was used in the construction of a Russian fishing vessel. The hull is capsule-shaped, with Enduro Bow type of a bow line. Hence, the capsule-shaped bow line allows to increase the working space on board, while improving its seaworthiness.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of the new vessels is increased energy efficiency. Thus, the redistribution of heat generated during the operation of the main engine allows to heat the rooms, including cabins. The electricity generated by the trawl winches in the regeneration mode is planned to be used for lighting and other needs of the vessel, which saves the fuel. On our Pacific vessels, such as Captain Korotich, fish oil collected during the waste processing will be partially used for boiler heating.

Captain Korotich is named after Valentin Vladimirovich Korotich (16.02.1941 -28.03.2013), who worked in the fishing industry of the Kamchatka territory for more than forty years. He was a skipper of the highest level, an experienced captain, a principled and fair leader. His crews have repeatedly become winners of Soviet-style workplace competition, demonstrating impressive production results

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