The construction of the vessel ‘Captain Tuzov’ (project 170701) has begun at Severnaya Verf shipyard in St Petersburg. Customer: JSC Alternativa (part of Norebo Group). Laying the keel of ‘Captain Tuzov’ on the 27th March 2020 marks an important milestone – now half of all new vessels that Norebo plans to build are under construction, as part of the programme of quota allocation.

Andrey Kiselev, the Director General of JSC Alternativa, stated that the trawler will be named after Vasiliy Nikitovich Tuzov, a captain of fishing vessels of the Murmansk Trawl Fleet company. His crew was among the top ten for many years, receiving awards for maximum catch and excellent navigation standards. Vasiliy Tuzov worked as the flagship captain of a group of vessels. During his life Vasiliy Tuzov trained many young skippers and fishermen and consistently achieving high catch rates. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour.

According to Andrey Kisilev, once such an innovative vessel is in operation, JSC Alternativa will have significantly increased catch and processing capacities. The new vessel will catch cod and haddock, as well as other pelagic species in North Atlantic Ocean.

The series of fishing trawlers-processors for the NOREBO Group will consist of ten vessels. The trawlers are designed for fishing with bottom and pelagic trawls. A multifunctional modern fish processing factory installed on trawlers will allow the production of fillets and other types of fish products frozen in the sea, as well as canned cod liver, fishmeal and other by-products.

Like the previous vessels of project 170701, ‘Captain Tuzov’ will be able to produce up to 40 tons of fillet from cod and haddock, as well as up to 60 tons of frozen headed and gutted fish per day. In addition, the vessel will produce canned cod liver and fishmeal -this will mean a no waste production. Freezing capacity will amount to 100 tons of finished products per day.

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