A keel was laid at Severnaya Verf shipyard in St Petersburg for a fourth of six factory trawlers to harvest in the North Atlantic Ocean (project 170701). Construction shall be finished in 2022. The vessel will be operated by Murmansk Region Fleet JSC, part of Norebo Group.

The state-of-the-art vessel is named after Lev Breikhman, an honorary worker of the fishing industry of the Russian Federation, who has been a captain of fishing vessels for many years and achieved outstanding catch results.

Kapitan Breikhman, will produce up to 40 tons of cod and haddock fillets, as well as up to 60 tons of frozen gutted products per day. Also, tinned liver and fish meal will be produced on board, allowing for waste free production. Freezing capacity reaches 100 tons of products per day.

According to Andrey Gulyaev, the Director General of Murmansk Region Fleet JSC, new trawlers will significantly upgrade the Norebo fleet.  Mr. Gulyaev commented: “The new vessels will increase catch processing efficiency due to the implementation of no-waste production principle. Already today, a vessel with a similar type of hull is part of Norebo fishing fleet. Operation of this vessel demonstrates increased stability indicators even in challenging weather conditions of the Arctic. The new trawler named after Lev Semenovich Breikhman will be employed for pelagic species fishing in the waters of the North Atlantic relying on modern technologies and the vast experience of Norebo specialists”.

An example of the technological innovations on board of the new vessels is a refrigeration with natural refrigerant – ammonia.

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