Captain Sokolov vessel was launched at Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg (31.08.2020). The customer of the vessel is Rybprominvest (part of the NOREBO group).

Ten vessels for the North-West and the Far East of Russia for Norebo Group are planned to be constructed under the contract of a total value of $500m.

Captain Sokolov is a freezing processing-trawler designed for catching cod, haddock and other fish species in the North Atlantic. It will be one of the most modern fishing vessels not only in Russia, but also in the world. The hull of the trawler is shaped as a capsule with streamlined form, which gives the vessel increased sea worthiness and additional energy efficiency.

A unique factory was designed and manufactured by the leading producers of fish processing equipment following the technical specifications of NOREBO Group, based on extensive experience in operating of fishing vessels. This allows to minimize the time from catch to production of the finished product, as well as reduce the waste to almost zero. The multifunctional factory will produce a wide range of fish products, including different types of fish fillets and portions.

Fish factory also produces canned cod liver products. Since the raw materials are preserved immediately after the catch, without the freezing stage, it is possible to fully preserve the taste and useful elements of this product, including a large amount of omega-3 fats and vitamins.

The vessel also provides for the use of an automated palletizing system. It allows not only to reduce the labour costs of the crew and reduce the time of unloading, but also helps to prevent damage to the finished product.

Another feature of the trawler is its increased energy efficiency. The project provides for the redistribution of heat generated during the operation of the main engine for heating the premises, including cabins. The electricity generated by the trawl winches will be used in recuperation mode for the needs of the vessel, which will save fuel. On the Far Eastern vessels under this project, fish oil collected during waste processing will be used to heat boilers.

After launching of the trawler, outfitting works continue: internal premises construction, metallization and painting of the interior, insulation, installation of equipment. Once the construction is complete mooring, sea trials and production trials will follow.

The vessel was laid down at the end of 2018. It is planned to hand over the vessel to the customer in autumn2021. The trawler is named after Vladimir Vitalievich Sokolov (1954-2015), who worked his way from a sailor to the head of the Murmansk sea fishing port and first deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

4 new longline vessels

The series of state-of-art fishing trawlers-processors NOREBO Group consists of ten vessels. Recently Severnaya Verf shipyard signed a contract with the NOREBO Group for the construction off our longline vessels for the Far Eastern fishery basin.

Key technical characteristics:

• Length – 81.6 m

• Width – 16 m

• Speed ​​– 15 knots

• Gross tonnage –5500 tonnes

• Main engine power– 6.2 MW

• Total processing capacity on board – 150 tonnes per day

• Freezing capacity– 100 tonnes of fish per day

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