We would like to share with you our contingency plan relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

With immediate effect, we have introduced a company ban on all business travel. This will mean that our staff will be unable to personally attend any meetings although, wherever possible, we will arrange conference calls or video conferencing. 

During this period, it is inevitable that an increased number of our staff will be working from home. Our telecoms and IT infrastructure allow all employees to work remotely and access emails and systems as normal. Direct dial numbers (as displayed on our email footers)will also transfer to individual mobile phones as required. We believe our contingency planning will allow us to retain a high standard of service, and to continue our business as efficiently as possible.  

During this period of uncertainty, we will adopt a “business as usual” attitude, and we would encourage communication as normal by email.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Your sincerely

Sturlaugur Haraldsson
Managing Director

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