The 2018 quotas for catches of cod, haddock, capelin, Greenland halibut and redfish in the Barents Sea have been agreed between Russia and Norway. The quota for North East Arctic cod, the largest cod stock in the world, will be 775,000 metric tons next year, which is a 13% reduction from 2017 (from 890,000 metric tons).

The TAC for Norway in 2018 will be 343,159 metric tons, including 21,000 metric tons quota for coastal cod. Russia’s TAC in 2018 will be 331,159 metric tons, including 21,000 metric tons quota for coastal cod. The volume for third countries will be 107,682 metric tons.

Total quota for haddock in 2018 will be 202,305 metric tons, of which the Russian share is 86,230 metric tons and the Norwegian share is 95,230 metric tons. Third countries can catch 12,845 tons. 

The quota for Greenland halibut will increase by 3,000 tons to 25,500 metric tons, while deep sea redfish quota is increased to 32,658 tons. In addition, the two nations will re-open the capelin fishery in the Barents Sea with a quota of 205,000 tons, after zero fishing since 2015.

The agreement is part of annual fishing negotiations between the two countries in cooperation with International Council for the Exploration
of the Sea (ICES).

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