Here at Ocean Spirit, established in 1997 we put quality at the forefront of all our ventures.

We use only sustainable fisheries, freeze our fish at sea and trace back every catch to the vessel it was landed from throughout our history since 1997. This has helped us become the world’s biggest supplier of Haddock and Atlantic Cod from the North Atlantic Ocean also the world’s largest supplier of Alaska pollock from the Pacific Ocean.

Our global supply chain serves over 20 countries across 5 continents and we’ve discovered new delivery methods to deliver improved products and services to our many customers.  This Ocean Spirit continues to thrive as our business expands into the future. We have committed ourselves to continually deliver even better products to our customers.

Norebo – one of the largest wild, fresh-frozen suppliers in the world

We freeze all our fish within hours of being caught – so we can deliver them just as nature intended. Our vessels are equipped with HACCP to ensure food safety, along with clear quality standards and specifications.


We’re committed to MSC certification. To earn this certification, we demonstrate that we:

  • Ensure all fishing is undertaken at sustainable levels
  • Minimise any impact on the marine ecosystem
  • Satisfy all local, national and international laws & regulations

Our method of freezing the catch preserves the quality and nutritional of seafood including vitamins A, B12 and D. The fresh flavour of our fish is retained ready for cooking, nothing is removed, nothing added. Freezing our fish on board within hours of catching means that our customers receive the freshest possible taste and texture.

Our parent company is one of the largest frozen fish suppliers in the world. We’re part of Norebo, a Russian group that owns and operates vessels across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with a processing factory in Murmansk.